Which Is More Important: Knowledge from Books or

  Knowledge from Experience

  As we know, most knowledge we have comes from two sources: the books or personal experience in our daily life. Each one has its advantage. Maybe some people think that book knowledge is more important than experience knowledge. However, I am strongly against their opinion. I consider that experience is more useful.

  Firstly, practical experience can help us find jobs successful. There are two kinds of people: experienced employees and college graduates, if you are a manager, which one do you prefer? There is no doubt that you will choose the experienced employees. Because they have more practical knowledge, they understand what their companies needs and how to make profit for their companies. Some college graduates have learned much book knowledge, but they can’t take advantage of these theories effectively. Therefore, many companies are not willing to employ graduates. This phenomenon tells us experience is more important for us to find good jobs.

  Secondly, experience can give us more impressed knowledge. It’s said that one learn by doing, if you want to make advances, it’s necessary to practice. Moreover, we learn how to get along with others or how to have self-respect from experience. We feel happy and sorrow directly from experience. The precious knowledge absolutely can’t get from


  Thirdly, our country’s development depends on innovation, which comes from experimentation. Comparing Chinese education system with American’s, we know that Chinese education usually pay more attention to scores students get and neglect their ability of innovation. On the contrary, American education emphasizes personal practice, that’s the reason why the progress of American technology is so rapid. The contrast reminds us of the importance of experience knowledge.

  Needless to say both learning sources have their own advantages. But in my opinion, experience knowledge is more important, because without practical experience, it’s impossible to get a real understanding of book knowledge, and to know how to apply this knowledge to real situations.



  Everyone have dreams, which are everybody yearning. The man who without dreams

  每个人都有梦想, 它是人人所渴望的。 没有梦想的人

  in his life will be empty, but dreams always be changing as your thought go forward.

  的人生将是空白的, 但梦想总是随着你思想的前进而改变的。

  When I was in primary school, I had a dream. I hope that I won't have homework 当我小学时, 我有一个梦想。我希望将来有一天可以没有有家庭作业。 to do one day. But the time we can play have became less and less, and 1/3 in our 可玩耍的时间变得越来越少, 而我们一天中的三分之一 day we were imprisoned in the classroom, so many time on study! And till I come 被禁锢在教室, 太多时间在学习上。 直到我上 to the junior high school, I had a dream, I hope I can become a good child,I can 初中 我有一个梦想,我希望自己能成为一个好孩子;

  be praised by my family when I return home;can be sure by teachers at school; and 回到家能受到家人的表扬; 在学校能受到老师们的肯定;

  can have a outstanding performance among the classmates .So shortly afterwards, ;在同学之间能有出众的表现。 所以不久后,

  I had learned to struggle. However, at my high school, every day is bustling, 我学会了奋斗。 然而, 上了高中后, 每天都是忙忙碌碌的, Sometimes bad temper is too strong to be controlled ,but life made me understand 有时候坏脾气是如此强烈以至于不能被控制, 但生活让我

  the truth to conduct myself slowly。Fortunately, I worked hard, every day 慢慢懂得做人的道理。 幸运的是, 我会努力,每一天

  I got up early and went to bed late, grasp myself and never lighten up. 我都在为了梦想而起早赶晚, 把握自己不再松散。

  All day,all the time, I am searching hardly, and fight for a bright future. 每一天, 甚至每一刻 , 我都苦苦探索, 为了光明的未来而奋斗。 With the dream, chase turned up, with the goal, power turned up. Dream, is a

  有了梦想,也就有了追求; 有了目标,就有了动力。 梦想,是一架 high bridge, regardless of whether it can reach the other shore。 To process dreams, 高高的桥梁,不管最终是否能到达彼岸,拥有梦想,

  and to pursue them, try to make them come true ,this is a kind of success, a 并去追求它,努力使其实现, 这已经是一种成功,

  kind of glory. In the process of the pursuit of dreams ,we are growing up!! 一种荣耀。 在追梦这个过程中, 我们是在成长的。

  Dreams can urge people make progress endlessly, perhaps in this road ,we will 梦想会催人不断前进, 也许在这条道路中,我们将会meet many difficulties and frustrations, but never mind, Where you fall down, 遇到无数的挫折和困难, 但没关系, 在哪里跌倒

  is where you should stand up, for your dream and future! After all, the future 就在哪里爬起来, 为自己的梦想和未来, 毕竟, 前途 not only rely on luck, also depend on our own.

  不仅靠运气, 也靠我们自己。

  Friends, let us work together! Because I believe that no pain no gain!!

  朋友,让我们一起努力吧!因为我相信no pain no gain!!!


  Good morning everybody!It's my honor to speak here,and I am very glad to share my topic with you. Then today I'd like to talk something about What we cannot afford to lose! During our lifetime we will meet wlth all kinds of difficulties,and most peple will feel depressed and then give up,while only a few people are able to adhere to the end .in my opinion ,to some degree, perseverance:[,p?:si'vi?r?ns] is one of most important things we should cherish ,which will finally contribute to our success. There is a story I have ever read that In 1883, a creative engineer named John Roebling罗柏林was inspired to build a spectacular:

  [spek't?kjul? [壮观的] bridge connecting New York with Long Island. However bridge-building experts throughout the world thought that this was an impossible feat 业绩 and told Roebling to forget the idea.but Roebling could not ignore the vision he had in his mind of this bridge. After much discussion the father and son developed concepts of how it could be accomplished and how the obstacles[障碍] could be overcome. They hired their crew and began to build their dream bridge.

  The project started well, but a few months later a tragic accident made Washington injured, unable to walk or talk

  or even move.

  In spite of his handicap:['h?ndik?p] [身体的不便] ,Washington was never discouraged and still had a burning desire to complete the bridge and his mind was still as sharp as ever. Finally the bridge was completed 13 years later .

  Today the spectacular Brooklyn布鲁克林Bridge stands in all its glory as a tribute:['tribju:t] to the triumph ['trai?mf] 成功of one man's indomitable:[in'd?mit?bl] [不屈不挠的] spirit and his determination[坚定] not to be defeated by circumstances.

  After I read the story I realized that perseverance is much more important than many other things , And those who are optimistic and self-confident, and who enjoy doing something new, worry less about failure are the example we should learn from.

  We need to appreciate the value in living, despite its many setbacks. Roads are for the journey, not the destination. Sunshine awaits those who keep the path!